Every software product is different, so we calculate every documentation project individually.

The following is a list of typical tasks for creating product documentation (manual or online help).

  • Concept: structure, content and style of documentation
  • Layout and document template: new layout or implementation of corporate design, creation of suitable document templates
  • Research: working out the contents by means of interviews, reading specifications, or tests with the software
  • Creating: writing drafts, creating graphics and screenshots, entering review comments, final editing with internal quality assurance
  • Production: generation of online help, PDF, offset or digital printing
  • Project management: planning, development and coordination with the customer

From the range of features of the software, we calculate the probable size of the manual or the online help and can thus estimate the workload. In accordance with your wishes, we invoice you for the actual workload or make you a fixed-price offer.

Alternatively, other models are possible, for example if we support your documentation team at peak times. In such cases, an hour- or day-based invoice is appropriate.

We normally calculate translations by the number of words or lines to be translated in the original language. For translations of graphics and presentations as well as language reviews of your texts, we invoice according to time expenditure.